Research in Ecuador

Since 2009, I have had the opportunity to work with a group of conservation and development practitioners and conservation scholars on research questions connecting issues of land tenure security with forest conservation in Ecuador.

(Photos taken during fieldwork and focus group mapping sessions, Cuyabeno Reserve, summer 2015)

Our first study explored how varying and overlapping forms of land tenure work on the ground to quicken or slow the pace of deforestation.  Our analysis focused on the northern Ecuadorian Amazon region and our results suggest that overlapping or hybrid forms of tenure, when connected with forms of forest protection and sustainable management, can be just as (or more) effective at slowing deforestation than government-managed parks on their own.  Click here to access the study (or please contact me).

Holland, M.B., F. de Koning, M. Morales, L. Naughton-Treves, B. Robinson, L. Suárez. 2014. Complex tenure and deforestation: implications for conservation incentives in the Ecuadorian Amazon. World Development 55: 21-36.

More recently, our team has explored the impacts of land titling and newer forms of forest conservation incentives on forests and local colonist communities in the same region (bordering the Cuyabeno Reserve).  We have analyzed the impacts of land titling with “forest-friendly” restrictions vs. titling without restrictions on reducing forest loss around the Reserve (Holland et al. in review).

We also recently published a study on whether enrolling in the forest conservation incentive program, SocioBosque, resulted in slower rates of deforestation for colonist properties, compared with properties where the landowners chose not to enroll.  Click here to access the study (or please contact me).

Jones, K.W., M.B. Holland, L. Naughton-Treves, M. Morales, L. Suárez, K. KeelanG. 2016. Forest conservation incentives and deforestation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Environmental Conservation.

Ecuador collaborators:
Manolo Morales, Ecolex
José Luis Freire, Ecolex
Luis Suárez, Conservación Internacional

US-based collaborators:
Lisa Naughton, Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kelly Jones, Asst Prof, Warner Colleage of Natural Resources, Colorado State University
Nicolle Etchart, PhD student, Dept. of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison