Transdisciplinary collaborations

I am currently involved in two interdisciplinary & applied working groups:

  1. Evidence-Based Conservation – SNAPP working group
  2. Land Tenure Security & Conservation working group

Evidence-Based Conservation – SNAPP working group
(working group member since 2014)

The primary goal of this working group has been to systematically synthesize the documented connections between environmental conservation, human health, and well-being.  This working group is co-led by Conservation International (CI, PI: M. McKinnon), and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS, PI: D. Wilkie).

(More details on the working group’s profile and current objectives are featured in more detail here)

Both Sam Dupre (PhD candidate, GES, UMBC) and Sierra Shamer (MSc, GES, UMBC) have contributed to this working group’s efforts and are included as co-authors in this recent publication in Environmental Evidence.

Working Group Outputs:
1.NEW: Evidence for Nature & People Data Portal:
This tool provides users with a portal through which to map the evidence themselves.  The tool was formally launched at the recent North American Congress for Conservation Biology in July 2016.

Here is the formal press release.

And the tool itself:

2. Nature article (December 2015): Sustainability: Map the evidence.

McKinnon, M.C., S.H. Cheng, R. Garside, Y.J. Masuda, D.C. Miller, J. Brun, R. Butterfield, J. Edmond, L. Glew, M B. Holland, E. Levine, Y J. Masuda, A. Pullin, D. Roe, M. Schildhauer, W.R. Turner, D. Wilkie, S. Wongbusarakum and E. Woodhouse. 2015. Sustainability: Map the evidence. Nature 528: 185-187.

3. Two articles in Environmental Evidence

Land Tenure Security & Conservation working group